понедельник, 4 августа 2014 г.

Ссылка. DUnit translation to FMX and Mac OS X




DUnit is a framework of classes designed to support the Xtreme approach to software testing.

This branch from the principal project, is for transform his visual interface to the new Firemonkey framework, know too as FMX. Current version is only for the old VCL framework.

When project finish, it shall work for run unit test in Windows and Mac OS X. And of course for Android and IOS too.

Did you need this approach? You can support us saying you like this project and leaving a message, please.
We are going to appreciate all the support!"

Слова "This branch from the principal projec" - только смущают... там без "бранчев" и "форков" можно вообще говоря обойтись. Сделать ЕЩЁ ОДИН Runner. Да и всё...

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